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We are a creative, experienced group of professionals who lead FGCU’s strategic marketing, communications, web development and media relations efforts.

Photo of Deborah Wiltrout

Deborah Wiltrout

Associate Vice President

239-590-1089 |



Staff Directory

Photo of Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

Associate Director of Photo/Design
239-590-7092 |

Photo of Tim Clark

Tim Clark

239-590-7397 |

Photo of Karen Feldman

Karen Feldman

Director of Publications
239-590-7093 |

Photo of Jeff Garner

Jeff Garner

Assistant Vice President of Digital Communications
239-745-1083 |

Photo of Keith Gibson

Keith Gibson

239-745-4440 |

Photo of James Greco

James Greco

239-745-4432 |

Photo of Joann Haley

Joann Haley

Production Manager

Photo of Anne Hubbell

Annie Hubbell

Assistant Director, Media & Public Relations

Photo of Jeff Garner

Frances Jones

Administrative Assistant
239-590-1081 |

Photo of Angelica Martinez

Angelica Martinez

Web Designer
239-590-7079 |

Photo of Kyle McCurry

Kyle McCurry

Director of Media & Public Relations
239-745-4507 |

Photo of Sasha Minsky

Sasha Minsky

Graphic Designer
239-745-4446 |

Photo of Mike Rechkemmer

Mike Rechkemmer

Web Developer
239-745-4435 |mrechkemmer@fgcu

Photo of Gabe Rodriguez

Gabe Rodriguez

Web Developer
239-590-7080 |

Photo of Hadassa Romero

Hadassa Romero

239-745-4503 |

Photo of Drew Sterwald

Drew Sterwald

Digital Communications Editor
239-590-1082 |


We're in Modular 3 on the south end of campus. Visitors can park in the adjacent lot or Garage 2 after receiving a parking pass at the information booth at the main campus entrance.

Hours | 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday

Questions? | Call 239-590-1081

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