Advance Book Purchase

Advance Book Purchasing for Spring 2022: 

December 15, 2021 through January 14, 2022


What is the purpose of this service?

Students that meet specific criteria have the ability to use their excess Financial Aid to purchase books online or in person at the University Bookstore.

How do I check my balance?

  1. Go to eAccounts
  2. Click 'Sign In' to prompt FGCU Eagle Access Single Sign-On
    and log in with your FGCU credentials.


  1. Login to Gulfline
  2. Click on Personal Information
  3. Click on Open eAccounts

When does this service take place?

This service typically starts a few days before the start of classes and ends on the last day of drop/add. Once the specific dates are finalized, an All Student email is sent out.

How does this service work?

All the necessary information is stored on your Eagle ID card. The FGCU Bookstore will swipe your Eagle ID card and your Financial Aid will be reduced (the available balance varies depending on the amount and type of Financial Aid you are awarded). When you log onto Gulfline you will see a charge on your account for your purchases. When your Financial Aid is disbursed it will be applied toward this charge. You must have an Eagle ID in order to take advantage of this service.

What can I spend this money on?

This service allows you to use your excess Financial Aid to purchase books through the FGCU Bookstore.

What types of Financial Aid can be used for this service?

• Private Scholarships
• Foundation Scholarships
• Grants
• Bright Futures
• Loans
• Florida Prepaid

**The sum of the Financial Aid listed above must be greater than your Total Account Balance to take advantage of this service.

What criteria do I have to meet to take advantage of this service?

Listed below are the types of Financial Aid available for use with this service and their respective criteria that must be completed prior to the beginning of the Financial Aid Advance Purchase Program period. Students must meet the following criteria in order to use this service:

Please note Private Scholarships, Foundation Scholarships, Grants, Bright Futures, and Loans require the Terms and Conditions to be completed.

  • Private Scholarships

  • Foundation Scholarships

  • Grants

  • Bright Futures

  • Loans

  • Florida Prepaid

  • Additional Criteria

How much can I spend?

This depends on your account balance and the amount and type of Financial Aid you will be receiving. Please note that all University Financial obligations must have been satisfied first. The amount you can spend may vary if there are changes in enrollment.

Can I use this service to buy books online through the University Bookstore?

Yes, students can use this service to order their materials at  and have the items gathered in advance and ready to go. When you check out, choose financial aid from the payment options and enter your FGCU #.  This 16 digit number can be found at the bottom left corner of the standard FGCU Eagle ID Card and should look like FGCU # 639XXXXXXXXXXXXX.  If you do not have an FGCU # on your Eagle ID please contact the Eagle ID Card Office for assistance.

Where do I go if this service is not working properly for me?

Please contact the ID Card Office at 590-SMILE